Treasures of St. Kitts
Welcome to the STANLEY GUMBS MUSEUM. This recent addition to Clay Villa Plantation (referred to as an Estate in past times) pays tribute to my Grandfather, the late Mr. Stanley Gumbs, a gentleman of excellent character and standing in Kittitian history.
The Museum houses various collections of centuries-old worldwide and home treasures and artefacts. You will find unique Carib, Peruvian and Mexican Pottery; Porcelain from China and Japan; maps and tapestries; hand carved sculptures from Africa, Haiti, India, Nepal; and a red coral and turquoise conch shell from a Tibetan monastery; exquisite jewellery, perfume bottles, jewelled trinket boxes and many other accessories from Europe, the Carib People and Indonesia. You will also see the traditional masquerade costumes of St. Kitts, Kittitian Art, as well as coconut and organic craft. The present day generation of some of the family members who are the ‘ultimate beneficiaries’ of the Estate are encouraged to carry on with the collecting of works of art and artefacts which all come together to tell a ‘TALE OF BYGONE TIMES ’up to and including present day life. Therefore, many more wondrous items of interest and beauty will be added to original collections and on display for visitors to enjoy.
Please note – a visit to the STANLEY GUMBS MUSEUM is included on all Clay Villa Tours.